UL warns against ‘falsely certified’ power supply device

Certification company UL Solutions has warned US consumers to stop using a power supply product carrying an unauthorized use of the UL mark.

UL Solutions said that the information technology equipment (I.T.E.) power supply made by MG Electronics “has not been evaluated by UL Solutions to the appropriate safety standards for the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, and it is unknown if it complies with any safety requirements.”

“UL Solutions recommends that you stop using this product,” the company said in its notification.

The offending product, which was made in China, is the model ST242A I.T.E. power supply and incorporates output screw terminals instead of an output cord.

MG Electronics have also produced a version of this same model that incorporates an output cord for which they are authorized to apply the UL mark, UL Solutions said.

UL Solutions said the product carrying the erroneous UL mark is known to have been sold at MG Electronics, and “may have been sold by other retailers.”