Apple design veteran ‘steps down’

Bart Andre, part of the design team responsible for the look of many of the company’s most iconic products, is reportedly leaving the company.

Andre was part of the team that created the iconic look of Apple products. Picture: Pixabay

Andre, who has been with Apple since the early 1990s, was part of the design team led by British designer Jony Ive that established the design aesthetic became known for.

Ive left the company in 2019 to found his own design firm, Lovefrom, with several Apple designers since leaving to join Ive’s new venture.

According to a Bloomberg report, Andre, one of Apple’s most senior and long-serving designers, has helped run Apple’s design team since the 2022 departure of Evans Hankey.

After Hankey left, Apple reportedly got rid of the Product Design Chief role and restructured the product design team under Apple COO Jeff Williams.

According to Bloomberg, some design staff were reportedly unhappy at being led by an operations person instead of a designer, while cost-cutting has reportedly hampered the design team’s creative freedom, Bloomberg reported.

Ive’s design team that Andre was a part of designed many of Apple’s most iconic products including the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.

The design team is most associated with the late Apple head Steve Jobs who once described Ive as his “spiritual partner at Apple.”

Some within Apple have reportedly questioned the commitment to design of current CEO Tim Cook, whose background is in supply chain. Cook has vehemently refuted these suggestions.