Experts from the testing, inspection and certification company Element Materials Technology provide an update on standards and regulation for the connected technology industry.

During their discussion Element’s technical experts, Steve Hayes, and Michael Derby, shed light on the recent TCB Council, REDCA, and the IEC and CISPR meetings. They provide an overview of the changes that are happening, including updates on the following:

• Changes to the RF exposure guidance KDB 447498

• Thresholds for requiring SAR RF exposure tests

• Part 15 antenna gain measurements

• New CISPR standards meetings, including measurements below 30 MHz

• New multimedia standards and technology convergence for household devices

• The new EU regulation for cybersecurity scope and the Cyber Resilience Act

• Legal certainty and the EN 301 489 EMC standards

The discussion is the fourth in a series of connected technology industry update videos produced by Element Materials Technology and is reproduced here with their permission.