DXOMARK reveals the tech behind its display testing

In this video, the independent benchmarking company DXOMARK reveal how new visual test and measurement technology is helping them accurately assess the quality of consumer electronic displays.

The French technology company DXOMARK shares their process for assessing the quality of consumer electronic displays by replicating how they are actually used in the real world.

The team at DXOMARK, which provides independent quality assessment for smartphone cameras, displays, audio and batteries, discuss the benefits of using Radiant Vision and Konica Minolta’s visual test and measurement technology.

The test and measurement technology is installed in DXOMARK’s automated test system, the Display Bench.

DXOMARK use it to obtain scientific data that quantifies the photometric properties of each display, accurately and objectively characterizing how the displays perform under different lighting conditions and use cases.

The team at DXOMARK explain how these photo-metrology tools allow them to objectively evaluate the reliability of each device.