X-ray and imaging tech market to reach $1B by 2027

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The market for X-ray equipment and imaging software used in non-destructive testing (NDT) is set to reach a billion in the next five years, a new report said.

The report, published on the Research and Markets website, forecast that the market would grow from $658 million in 2021, a rise of $340 million or seven percent annually.

Industrial x-ray inspection equipment and imaging software are used to perform NDT for uncovering subsurface defects in various commercial products, including electronics.

The x-ray inspection equipment detects hidden inconsistencies, flaws, cracks, and voids in a wide array of solid materials, including plastic, rubber, silicone, metal, and composites, without harming the test item.

Imaging software, meanwhile, produces a clear image of the inspected location for evaluation.

According to the report, industrial x-ray inspection equipment and imaging software have gained traction in recent years for quality control and risk management.

One reason for this, the report stated, is the escalating demand for compact devices and the emerging trend of electronics miniaturization.

Technologies helping to improve the performance of NDT equipment next-gen digital radiography (DR) machines integrated with flat-panel detectors (FPDs) to offer higher resolution and faster processing.

“This, in confluence with the introduction of computer tomography (CT) equipped with FPDs and other innovative technologies, is catalyzing the market growth,” the report noted.

It went on: “Furthermore, the growing consumer demand for high-quality products and the increasing number of semiconductor fabrication plants are accelerating the product adoption rates.”