US start-up claims AR display breakthrough

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US-based AR tech start-up NewSight Reality (NSR) claims it has successfully demonstrated AR through a see-through near-eye display for the first time.

NSR said it had carried out the demonstration using its proprietary TOM (Transparent Optical Module), with the company claiming that it “marks the first time in history AR has been achieved through a see-through near-eye display and represents a major milestone towards enabling mass adoption of next-generation AR products and solutions.”

"We are no longer a paper tiger with models and concepts," said NSR CEO and President Phil Garfinkle, claiming that the company’s TOM solution was “akin to moving from a tube-based monitor or projection TV to a bright flat screen display."

According to NSR, its technology takes a fundamentally different approach to AR displays and optics to most current AR tech developers.

Bypassing the need for traditional optical combiners, TOM replaces the light engine and optical engine with a single multi-layer hermetically sealed transparent module. Calibration is only required once at manufacturing.

According to NSR, TOM is capable of over 80 percent transparency and high light efficiency thanks to the module's direct transparent display, which is in close proximity to the eyes. This enables low power consumption and daylight operation.

The display has a thickness ranging between 1.5 to 2.0 millimeters and weighs approximately two grams, and can be produced with either a flat or curved form factor allowing for simple integration with various eyewear.