US rolling out e-filing system for electronics imports

US has introduced e-filing for consumer product certificate data for products, including electronics, sold on the American market.

The amendment was proposed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). CPSC issued a supplemental notice (SNPR) proposing rulemaking to revise the 16 CFR 1110 compliance certificate.

The supplemental notice suggests suggests that CPSCs collaborate with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to simplify the process of submitting Consumer Product Compliance Certificates (CPCC) through e-filing.

The CPCC is an important document for verifying that a product meets safety standards and needs to enter the US market. The core of the eFiling program is to simplify the process of submitting consumer product compliance certificates and collect compliance data more efficiently, accurately, and quickly.

According to CPSC, it can better assess consumer product risks and quickly identify non compliant products through the e-filing system, which not only helps to intercept non compliant products in advance at ports, but also accelerates the smooth entry of compliant products into the market.
To improve its e-filing system, CPSC has invited some importers to conduct e-filing beta testing, with the importers invited to submit product compliance certificates electronically through CBP's Electronic Commerce Environment (ACE).

CPSC is still actively developing its new e-filing program and expects to officially launch it in 2025, making it a mandatory requirement thereafter.