UL wins $2.2M in legal battle with vaping companies

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UL Solutions has been awarded $2.2 million in a lawsuit over the illegal use of their mark by two vaping device companies.

UL said the US court settlement was part of a years-long effort by UL Solutions to deter vaping devices with counterfeit UL marks from entering the marketplace.

The two companies, Arizer, a manufacturer of vaping devices, and Greenlane Holdings, a distributor of vaping devices, were accused by UL of trademark counterfeiting and false advertising after they allegedly added the mark to their devices even though their products had not been certified for safety by UL.

This is not the first time UL has pursued legal cases against makers and distributors of e-cigarettes. In 2019, UL brought its first suit against several manufacturers and distributors of these devices, including Kandy Pens and AFG Distribution.

In each case the false mark referred to the UL 8139, Standard for Electrical Systems of Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices, which was published in 2018.

The standard was developed to help manufacturers of vaping devices develop safer products in the wake of a number of reported cases of accidents caused by poorly constructed vaping devices catching fire or even exploding.

In the latest case Arizer and Greenlane Holdings both stipulated to a consent decree, permanent injunction and judgment of $2.2 million as part of a settlement in the Northern District of Illinois.

“Our investment in deterring counterfeiting delivers tangible value to our customers,” said Tammi Burke, director of customer marketing at UL Solutions. “Our customers invest heavily in designing and manufacturing their products to meet the requirements for UL certification.

“Only those companies that have earned our certification have the right to benefit from using the UL Mark. Counterfeiters of the UL Mark unfairly compete in the marketplace and claim an achievement they have not legitimately earned.”