UL approved to test new smart home standard

Global testing company UL Solutions has been authorized to test products for certification for a new industry standard for smart home technology.

Under the new arrangement UL Solutions is authorized as a third-party test house in select Asia, Europe and North America locations for the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program.

UL Solutions’ announcement comes on the back of the release of Matter 1.0 by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), an international alliance of more than 550 tech companies working together to develop open standards for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Over 280 CSA member companies — including Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung – were involved in the development of the Matter standard, which is expected to be supported by more than half of the world’s smart home devices within the next five years.

The Matter 1.0 standard will support a variety of common smart home products, including lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, window coverings and shades, safety and security sensors, door locks, and media devices including TVs and controllers.

UL Solutions was also an active member of the CSA’s Matter working group.

“Matter testing services by UL Solutions help companies to validate certification eligibility of Matter-enabled products,” said Anurag Vennavaram, operations leader at UL Solutions.

“Validating compliance to Matter specifications will be a key component in realizing the full benefits of the new standard, uniting the industry and helping manufacturers to avoid delays in achieving certification.”

“The independent, third-party perspective and expertise of UL Solutions have already proven invaluable to the successful launch of Matter and our efforts to align the industry,” said Jon Harros, CSA director of certification and testing.

“We welcome the continued support of UL Solutions, now as a CSA-authorized third-party test house for Matter-enabled products, in bringing together the industry and our technical capabilities to achieve more.”