Start-up's sustainable solution to single-serve coffee waste

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A tech start-up has developed a sustainable single-serve coffee maker that contains capsules that it says are designed to break down more rapidly than untreated plastics.

Bruvi developed the capsules, known as Guilt Free Toss B-Pods, as a way to “address the issues around pod disposal,” says Bruvi co-founder Mel Elias.

At present the vast majority of single-serve pods end up in landfills, where they take around 500 years to decompose.

According to Bruvi, this is mainly because existing disposal solutions rely on an ineffective recycling or composting infrastructure.

To counter this problem Bruvi engineers tried to find a practical solution that uses existing waste disposal infrastructure and saves users from complicated capsule separation and recycling steps.

The result are bio-enzyme infused capsules designed to substantially break down in a landfill more rapidly than untreated plastics via an organic process that leaves no microplastics behind, said the company in a statement.

Based in Los Angeles, Bruvi was founded by the the inventor and former engineer Sung Oh and Elias, the former CEO of The Coffee Bean.