SmartViser collaborates on new EU smartphone energy labeling

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French testing solutions provider SmartViser will take part in a European Commission initiative to develop a testing system to measure smartphone energy efficiency.

The initiative, which is part of the Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan, will see SmartViser collaborating with the EU to create a testing methodology for energy labeling requirements for smartphones and tablets.

Through its Circular Electronics Initiative the EU is planning to introduce regulations that would require electronics sold and produced in Europe to be designed for energy efficiency and durability, reparability, upgradability, maintenance, reuse, and recycling.

In tandem with the regulatory changes the EU is assessing the feasibility of implementing new requirements for mobile phones and tablets that would see mandatory labels rating the devices eco-design and energy efficiency.

Rennes-based SmartViser, which develops mobile test automation solutions and began collaborating with the EU on this project in July 2021, would use its test automation solution viSer as part of the new testing methodology.

“The chosen testing methodology will be based on the day-of-use simulation which will run automatically in a loop several usages (activities) the same way as an end user will do,” the company said in a statement. “Testing could be fully automated using viSer test automation conducted in a controlled test environment using a network simulator to ensure repeatability and reliability.”

SmartViser added: “The viSer EEI application would then perform the testing as per defined methodology and at the end of the testing would provide an Energy Efficiency Index measurement.”