Smartphone demand to push test chamber market growth to $870 million

The market for environmental test chambers is estimated to reach to $869 million by 2026, an increase of about $150 million over six years.

A new report published on Report Linker says growing demand for test chambers has been helped in part by the proliferation of handheld devices like smart phones.

The rise in handheld devices has significantly increased the demand for environmental test chambers with faster ramp rates and better safety features.

In 2020 the global market for environmental test chambers was estimated at $717.4 million. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2 percent over the analysis period.

The technological capabilities of environmental test chambers have advanced significantly over the years. They have gone from simple analogue chambers with dial controllers to advanced digital chambers with programmable controllers.

Alongside this technological leap test chamber manufacturers have focused increasingly on developing bigger and faster chambers that could perform testing on a wide variety of products.

Temperature or humidity chambers are used for performing climatic testing, while pressure and vibration chambers are commonly used for conducting mechanical testing, such as the evaluation of a product’s response to vibration or shock.

As environmental testing becomes more complicated, and increased pressure to complete testing cycles in a fixed time, as well as the differing needs of product developers and researchers, companies are increasingly offering customized environmental test chambers to create special environments for testing materials of all types.

Customized test chambers currently accounts for a 26.4 percent share of the global environmental test chambers market, the report noted. With the market for customized chambers expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.7 percent over the next seven years.

Meanwhile, the market for temperature and humidity chambers is projected to grow at a 3.4 percent CAGR to reach $370.6 Million by 2026.

China and the US are set to lead the test chamber market with the US market estimated at $178.7 million in 2021 and China’s market size set to reach $196.9 million by 2026.