Samsung laptops certified for low hazardous materials risk

The latest range of Samsung’s OLED laptop displays have been recognized for their low level of hazardous materials by certification company SGS.

A total of 14 Samsung 2023 computer displays ranging from 13-inch to 16-inch received SGS’ Hazardous Substances Assessed (HSA) certification.

Samsung Display, the display arm of Samsung Electronics, said the certifications made it the first company in the electronics industry to receive certification for passing HSA’s test threshold for 300 hazardous substances, including heavy metals, residual organic pollutants and non-biodegradable substances.

The HSA certification assesses the level of hazardous substances through analysis of product ingredients.

According to Samsung Display, SGS’s HSA standard evaluates 30 times more substances than the previous requirement, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards which was introduced by the EU in 2003.

As part of its testing process, SGS destroys the OLED panel in order to conduct a full analysis of the substances which may affect the potential hazards throughout the product’s lifecycle, from usage to recycling to disposal.

Samsung Display said it achieved levels far below the HSA testing threshold.

“As ecolabeling has become common in the consumer product market worldwide, environmental concern for hazardous substances is also increasing,” said Jackson Woo, Deputy Director of SGS Hong Kong C&P.

“Samsung Display’s laptop OLEDs are the first electronic products ‘HSA’ evaluated through its hazardous substances verification to build trust in product’s sustainability,” he added.