Rugged computer brand gains UL certification for safety

Tech company Cincoze has achieved certification from the global certification company UL for its line of rugged embedded computers.

The computer brand said its diamond product line’s power efficient and basic embedded computer (DA-1100) and crystal product line’s computer modules (P2102, P2102E) have achieved UL Listing Certification in the US and Canada.

The crystal product line’s 19-inch, 21-inch, and 24-inch display modules (CV-100 series) and sunlight readable display modules (CS-100 series) have also achieved UL Component Recognition Certification in the US and Canada.

Further Cincoze products will also be set for certification, the company said. Cincoze said it uses hazard-based safety engineering (HBSE) design principles and material selection to ensure its products meet and exceed information and communication technology (ICT) and audio-visual (AV) safety standards to comply with the international IEC 62368-1, the EU CE mark for low voltage directive (LVD) EN 62368.

Cincoze products are used in various applications, including factory automation, in-vehicle computing, and logistics.

According to Cincoze, HBSE requires that, regardless of normal or faulty product operation, the safety of the operator is ensured when touching the device.

HBSE requirements include the use of self-extinguishing plastics, fuses for all connectors, fire-resistant wires, and additional thermal protection, to eliminate any chance of shutting down the production line or causing danger that could result in inestimable losses.

While UL certification is not mandatory, Cincoze said it took the initiative to apply for UL certification.