Read March issue of CET&D magazine now

The March 2023 issue of Consumer Electronics Test and Development magazine is out, featuring interviews and investigations at the cutting edge of electronics testing.

In this issue we take in the most current trends in electronics testing, including a cover feature on the rise of virtual and augmented reality technologies and how they are impacting display testing.

The March issue of Consumer Electronics Test and Development magazine also features an exclusive interview with Bob DiMaggio, the head of Panasonic’s US product testing, and a sit-down with the Consumer Technology Association’s sustainability lead Walter Acorn to talk about the problem of e-waste.

Elsewhere in the magazine, you’ll find an in-depth article on the new Matter 1.0 IoT standard’s impact on smart home device testing, a deep dive into the subject of recycled and degradable plastics, and an article on the rise of medical wearables featuring interviews with the tech companies Withings and Nordic Semiconductors.

The magazine also features an insightful look into the testing of voice recognition technologies. Moreover, there are featured articles from many of the biggest names in electronics testing and certification including UL Solutions, Element Materials Technology, CSA Group, Radiant Vision Systems, HEAD acoustics, GRAS, and many more.

Read the March issue online now.