Read the latest issue of CET&D magazine

The latest issue of Consumer Electronics Test & Development is out with insightful interviews and in-depth features from the world of electronics testing.

The issue is free to read online here. Here are some highlights:

Microphone testing

CET&D looks at how audio testers ensure the reliability and sound quality of the microphones used in consumer electronics.

Small is beautiful

Emissive displays are common across ever smaller form factors. CET&D investigates the challenges of testing this display tech on small-screen devices like smartphones and smartwatches.

Outdoor electronics

With the market for outdoor electronics booming, material testing companies are under more pressure than ever to understand how weather impacts the life cycle of a product.

Keeping pace with 5G

CET&D talks to leading experts within the testing and certification industry on the challenges to testing posed by the shift to 5G-enabled consumer devices.

Testing PCBs

As the use of printed circuit boards (PCB) in electronics grows, non-destructive testing techniques are playing a bigger role in their inspection and testing, both during and post-production.