Raptic phone cases certified carbon neutral

The smartphone accessories company Raptic said that its latest line of phone cases have been independently certified carbon neutral by the certification company SCS Global Services.

Raptic said that the certification applies to its Terrain, Slim, Clutch, Secure, Fort and Earth phone cases due to go on sale from next month.

The phone cases were certified under PAS 2060, the internationally applicable specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality.

For the certification process SCS first completed a cradle-to-grave carbon footprint assessment of Raptic products in accordance with the global the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting standard, including production processes, materials, distribution, packaging, and end-of-life disposal.

Once this assessment was complete, verified carbon offsets were purchased and retired, and SCS was able to certify those Raptic products as carbon neutral based on PAS 2060.

"Raptic chose internationally recognized, rigorous standards for its carbon neutral certification," said David Jonas, SCS program manager for climate consulting services. "We commend Raptic for its commitment to quantifying the carbon impact of these products across their entire life-cycle, and fully offsetting these impacts, establishing an important precedent in the mobile accessory category."

Raptic has already made major in-roads into increasing the sustainability of its products, the company said.

According to Raptic, many of its products are made with recycled materials, shipped in non-plastic packaging. Raptic, meanwhile, released its first certified carbon neutral product, Earth for AirTags, earlier this summer, and has a complete line of carbon neutral mobile solutions scheduled for release this fall.