Radiant Vision colorimeter wins photonics industry award

The photonics industry has honored display test equipment maker Radiant Vision Systems with a top award for its imaging colorimeter technology.

A panel of judges from the optics and photonics community recognized Radiant Vision Systems’ ProMetric I61 (61- megapixel) Imaging Colorimeter as a Gold honoree by the 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards.

Radiant Vision Systems introduced the ProMetric I61 in May last year. The technology boasts the highest-resolution tristimulus imaging colorimeter available at 61 megapixels and is used to measure values of light and color for evaluation of light-emitting devices such as displays, backlit components and light sources.

“Today’s display manufacturers are becoming more concerned with measuring pixels due to their emissive nature,” said Radiant Vision CEO Doug Kreysar. “Pixel-level measurements can be used to calculate pixel differences in order to calibrate a display to uniform output—a process called ‘demura’ or pixel-uniformity correction. However, at the pixel size and density of new OLED and microLED displays, the majority of today’s imaging systems don’t offer sufficient resolution to discern individual pixel output.

“Radiant introduced the ProMetric I61 for applications like these, where additional measurement precision is needed and where the success of an application is highly dependent on measurement accuracy and speed.”

Kreysar added the device was “the result of extensive component testing and innovative engineering” and that “we are proud to have this effort recognized by the 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards.”