Radiant and CET&D join for webinar on emissive displays

Radiant Vision Systems are joining forces with Consumer Electronics Test & Development for an upcoming webinar on OLED and MicroLED displays.

Close-up view of OLED display subpixels
Close-up view of OLED display subpixels

This publication will host the event featuring the display test equipment developer’s regional sales manager Chris Williamson, online for free on Thursday October 26 5.30pm GMT (9.30pm US PST).

During the webinar Williamson will focus on the testing and correction of so-called emissive displays which include OLED and MicroLED displays.

They are called “emissive” because each pixel of the display is its own individual emitter (in contrast to traditional LCD displays where a liquid crystal panel is illuminated by a backlight of LEDs). 

With an emissive display, the LEDs are not “blended” behind an LCD panel but are viewed directly. Because each emitter can exhibit a wide range of luminance and color, the display may appear uneven to a viewer (an effect known as mura).

In the webinar, Williamson will describe the various display measurement approaches that can be used to measure OLED and microLED displays. He will also explain how demura (correction of mura) can be accomplished, enabling panel, display, and device manufacturers to improve quality and increase yields.

Williamson’s work across Radiant application and product groups, including frequent trips to join engineers and manufacturers directly in their facilities, has given him an in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges involved in display and light measurement.

To take part in the webinar and the Q&A that follows click here.