QIMA webinar to look at IoT cybersecurity rules

Testing, inspection and certification company QIMA will be taking part in an upcoming webinar hosted by CET&D on consumer IoT cybersecurity.

This webinar, talking place 10am US eastern time on Wednesday May 15, will focus on the consumer IoT market's latest cybersecurity requisites for IoT devices, in particular the impact of the UK PSTI Act that came into force last month.

Non-compliance with the UK PSTI Act requirements is already making manufacturers falter if they haven’t self-declared their existing products. Certain countries and certification schemes require adherence to this standard for any consumer IoT product to make their market entry.

The free webinar, hosted by Adrian Selke, QIMA’s managing director for certification and cybersecurity, will offer attendees not just a short-term solution tailored for the UK market but also a longer-term plan recognized internationally to ensure compliance of IoT device manufacturers.

Delegates will learn to understand the procedures for assessing your product against ETSI 303 645 for compliance with the UK PSTI and beyond, and about the universal acceptance (in 50+ countries) of an IECEE CB certificate based on ETSI 303 645 for consumer IoT cybersecurity.

They will also discover how product evaluation anchored on ETSI 303 645 can serve as a strong foundation for securing a RED certificate.

To take part in the free webinar follow this link.