Product recall numbers in US and EU drop in Q2, according to SGS report

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SGS, a leading testing, inspection and certification company, has reported a drop in product recalls in the second quarter of 2021.

According to the company, both the USA and EU saw a drop in unsafe product notifications for electrical and electronic products compared to the previous quarter.

In the EU, notifications went down by 11%. A total of 53 products were notified as unsafe with audio, video and household appliances the most common products affected, and main risk identified as electric shock.

In the USA, unsafe product notifications decreased by 50% in Q1 2021. Four products were recalled – two in audio, video and household and two in IT and telecommunications – with the main risks being fire and burns.

SGS’s Product Recall Trends report provides a quarterly overview of the top recalled product categories and products, and the main associated risks, in the EU and the USA.

To view the full infographic highlighting all the key facts from the report, click here.