Nvidia gives update on ‘melting connector’ reports

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Nvidia has finally broken its silence about the ongoing reports of melting connectors for the RTX 4090 graphics card.

In a statement to KitGuru the tech company confirmed the reports but offered little in the way of concrete information.

"We continue to investigate the reports, however we don’t have further details to share yet,” Nvidia said. “Nvidia and our partners are committed to supporting our customers and ensuring an expedited RMA process for them"

Reports of melting power connectors on the graphics card first surfaced several weeks ago and despite users of the graphics card continuing to report the same problem, the tech giant has remained largely tight-lipped.

The issue is happening with the ‘12VHPWR’ adapter provided to allow the RTX 4090’s 16-pin connector to be hooked up with ATX 2.0 power supplies.

While Nvidia has been unable to offer a fix to the issue, other tech enthusiasts have taken up the problem.

The amateur testing lab Igor’s Lab claims to have identified an issue with the cable quality, claiming that the problem is only occurring in cables manufactured by one of Nvidia’s suppliers.

Meanwhile, Corsair’s power supply unit (PSU) expert Jon Gerow claims the melting is arising because of user error, with buyers of the graphics card failing to plug in the cable correctly.

None of these theories has been independently verified and Nvidia continues to look into the problem.