NextNav and Bosch Sensortec to elevate barometric sensor performance for consumer electronics devices

NextNav, a provider of next generation GPS, has announced a partnership with Bosch Sensortec, a provider of sensing solutions for consumer electronics, to enable more precise vertical location in barometric pressure sensors.

Bosch Sensortec’s barometric pressure sensors will undergo rigorous testing through the NextNav Certified program to certify their accuracy and performance to meet stringent standards across a variety of use cases.

Through the partnership, Bosch Sensortec will validate the accuracy of measurements and provide robust performance assurance for OEMs utilizing its sensors in mass-market products including mobile phones, tablets, and wearables.

“Our barometric pressure sensors produce highly accurate altitude measurements across a variety of use cases,” said Marcellino Gemelli, head of global business development at Bosch Sensortec. “We’ve continuously led the industry in elevating barometric sensor performance, and we are excited to be working with NextNav to further validate the capabilities of our technology. Our sensing solutions combined with NextNav’s software power enables smartphone, tablet, and wearable OEMs as well as wireless carriers to deliver precise altitude measurements to enhance consumer applications across a variety of use cases.”

Working directly with barometric sensor manufacturers, NextNav Certified validates the performance of sensors in real-world operating scenarios by building standardized measurements benchmarks through independent performance data. Today, the company – through its vertical location network, Pinnacle – enables applications and technologies that rely on precise altitude data across verticals, including public safety, applications and gaming, lone worker tracking, as well as advertising and out-of-home retail experiences.

“Vertical location is becoming increasingly central to powering innovative technologies and delivering next-generation experiences. That is why it is so important the industry ensures the accuracy of barometric sensors and earns the confidence of device manufacturers and wireless operators,” said Dan Hight, VP of business development and partnerships at NextNav. “With Bosch Sensortec as a partner, together we’ll elevate the standards with which barometric sensor performance is measured, and support more accurate, reliable 3D location services across millions of mass-consumer devices and applications.”

Bosch Sensortec’s barometric pressure sensors enable a variety of smartphones, wearables, and smart home applications. The small and low-power barometric pressure sensors enable capabilities across use-cases including delivering altitude data across consumer technology devices such as drones, wearables, and navigation devices, and powering functionality in industrial applications.