New tech 'recycles blue light to improve displays'

A new technology reduces harmful blue light in LCD displays by capturing it and converting the light energy for performance improvements, its developer said.

Eyesafe DTX has been developed by the technology company Eyesafe, which specializes in blue light management and display solutions.

According to Eyesafe, the new technology which is implemented within the backlight unit of LCD displays, is specifically aimed at reducing blue light toxicity while maintaining the white point and providing tools that maximize luminance and color gamut.

The technology works by coating an existing diffuser component within the backlight unit with proprietary materials that absorb high-energy blue light from the LEDs and convert the light energy to performance improvements.

Developed in consultation with optometrists and ophthalmologists, Eyesafe’s vice president of research and development Derek Harris called the new technology “a pivotal moment for the global display industry.”

Harris said: "The ability to filter, capture and recycle blue light emissions to boost brightness and color performance –without changing the display stack design or supply chain – is a significant step forward."

"Eyesafe DTX fits within existing components of a display, so it represents a very streamlined, low-cost integration," added Harris. "And because the technology is so nimble, we can calibrate luminance and color to meet the individual design specifications of our partners, optimizing the characteristics that are most important to each of them."

Eyesafe said it plans to begin commercializing Eyesafe DTX immediately for applications including laptops and desktop monitors, with plans for future expansion across mobile, television and AR/VR formats.

Later this month, the technology will be showcased in a virtual exhibition at Computex 2022, the annual IT and technology gathering in Taipei, Taiwan.