Memfault collaboration ‘to aid IoT product development’

Memfault has partnered with NXP Semiconductors to give connected device makers in-field device monitoring, iteration, and updating capabilities through Memfault’s observability platform.

Memfault is known for creating the first cloud-based observability platform for connected device debugging, monitoring, and updating.

Through the collaboration with NXP, IoT device manufacturers building products based on NXP microcontrollers will have access to the observability platform, enabling them to fix bugs before end users detect them.

Memfault’s embedded device diagnostics platform solves serviceability challenges via fleet observability, remote debugging and smart firmware over-the-air (OTA) management, said Memfault. This in turn enables support and product teams to have deep insights into embedded device performance in a cloud-based environment.

Engineers building on NXP MCUs will have remote access to debugging information without requiring any user interaction, device RMAs, or on-site visits. It also means release managers can orchestrate complex OTA updates of firmware in an organized and controlled manner, the company said.  

“Bringing Memfault into the NXP Partner program was an obvious choice, as they provide clear value to customers who are looking to deploy edge-connected products," said Brendon Slade, director of MCU tools and ecosystem, edge processing at NXP Semiconductors. “Memfault has made it easy to integrate their SDK into base projects for NXP devices and transfer diagnostics data to their cloud platform. This allows customers to save time and focus on building leading products rather than on triaging and troubleshooting."

“We know NXP’s customers are creating extraordinarily advanced devices, and we are excited to give them better insight and control over their devices in the field,” said François Baldassari, CEO of Memfault. “NXP’s vision to build secure connections for a smarter world keeps them at the forefront of design and innovation and a great technology leader for Memfault’s core offerings.”

With this collaboration, embedded developers can deploy Memfault on up to 100 NXP devices for free, the company said.