Listen releases test sequence for new speaker standard

1 min read

US audio testing solutions company Listen Inc has released a free automated test sequence for testing loudspeakers to the new M-Noise standard.

The Boston-based test equipment maker claims to be the first test and measurement company to automate measuring loudspeakers to the new AES75-2022 standard, also known as M-Noise, for Maximum SPL.

Developed by the loudspeaker maker Meyer Sound Labs, M-Noise is a new test signal that promotes standardized measurement of a loudspeaker system’s maximum linear output by emulating the dynamic characteristics of music.

The M-Noise standard relies on multiple iterations of the same measurement at different levels to identify where the frequency response linearity, compression and coherence deviate from baseline levels.

The process can be carried out manually, with the user starting each individual measurement and subjectively comparing responses to determine the next action.

However, Listen’s test sequence follows the same test method and stimulus but in an automated process, from initial baseline measurement to final burn-in analysis.

Listen Inc’s new test sequence was developed for use within the company’s popular SoundCheck audio test and measurement system, and is available free of charge on Listen’s website. According to Listen, the test sequence “removes subjectivity, increases reliability, and saves time.”