Listen Inc releases new audio testing products

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US audio test equipment maker Listen Inc has released two new testing products – a new two-channel audio interface and the latest iteration of its flagship testing software.

The Boston-based company released SoundCheck 21, the latest version of its flagship audio test software.

According to Listen, the new version includes a new enhanced Loose Particles algorithm that allows transient distortion measurements in a wide range of devices.

The update also includes increased measurement capability with the new multichannel FFT analyzer and the ability to save metadata.

SoundCheck 21 also includes new features designed to ensure test integrity and protect intellectual property when sharing test sequences with third-party manufacturers. 

According to Listen, any test sequence can be locked and password-protected. Sequence steps can only be edited with the password, and without a password the sequence steps cannot even be viewed, meaning that the intellectual property of the sequences is protected.

The company’s other product release is AudioConnect 2, a new compact, high resolution two-channel audio interface designed for measurements both on the production line and out in the field.

According to Listen, the device is particularly suitable for headphone testing and features two input channels with a sampling rate up to 192 kHz, microphone power, TEDS support, a low-noise headphone amplifier, and two line outputs. The device can be powered via a laptop’s USB-C for portability and for field measurements.