LG claims Samsung TVs ‘prone to screen burn’

LG has taken a swipe at its tech rival Samsung, claiming its QD OLED technology is susceptible to permanent image retention, also known as screen burn.

The irony is that Samsung has previously made the same claim about LG’s OLED TVs.

But in a recent press briefing a representative of LG Display, the display arm of LG Electronics, hit back at their fellow Korean tech company, according to a report in Forbes.

According to the report, the rep showed the media screen shots taken from respected technology review website Rtings of the results of long-term accelerated image retention tests on a range of TVs.

The screen shots reportedly showed images from LG Electronics’ 2022 G2 and C2 OLED TVs that were free of any permanent image retention, alongside screen shots of two TVs that use Samsung Display’s QD OLED technology, Samsung’s S95B and Sony’s A95K.

In both cases signs of screen burn were reportedly present.

LG claimed the lower susceptibility of its products to screen burn was due to its use of white subpixels in its WOLED panels.

According to LG, the use of the white subpixels reduces the fatiguing of RGB subpixels, the cause of screen burn. Since Samsung avoids the use of white subpixels, its panels are more susceptible, LG claimed.