Intel approves Granite River for Thunderbolt 4 testing

Testing and certification company Granite River Labs’ (GRL) test lab in Dongguan, China, has been approved by Intel for certification testing for the Thunderbolt 4 port.

According to GRL, the Dongguan lab joins GRL's Shanghai lab and its expanded Taipei facility in now offering testing, certification, pre-testing and debugging services for the Windows platform.

Thunderbolt 4 is a universal port that connects PC's to any dock, display, and data device while charging a laptop or other device, via one flippable, reversible cable.

All Thunderbolt 4 products are required to undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure that the product is compatible with prior generations as well as USB3 and USB4 products. Only products that have passed official certification testing are authorized to use the Thunderbolt name, logo, and connector icon.

"GRL remains committed to extending our support for the expanding Thunderbolt ecosystem," said Holger Kunz, GRL's president of worldwide services. "By leveraging our technical leadership and expertise in Thunderbolt, USB, PCI Express, and DisplayPort, we can help customers all over the world get their newest products tested, certified and into global markets as quickly and efficiently as possible."

GRL's Shanghai lab and Taipei facilities also offer certification testing to product developers designing and manufacturing systems, docks, monitors and other products.