imc launches new noise and vibration software

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The German testing company imc Test and Measurement has debuted a new software solution for noise and vibration analysis.

The WAVE 2022 consists of four analyzers and offers a comprehensive range of analysis functions for sound pressure and sound power measurement, structural analysis and the analysis of vibrations and rotating machines.

According to imc, the software “guides users from configuration to calibration and measurement to professional report in just a few steps, reducing setup time and delivering reliable results for less experienced users in the field of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing.”

Applications for the software include the testing of prototypes, machine monitoring and test stands for development or end-of-line.

The software is capable of processing microphone signals simultaneously with sound level, sound pressure and sound power determined online using the relevant standards. The imc WAVE noise analyzer offers a comprehensive set of functions for this purpose. Meanwhile, microphones can be calibrated within the analyzer, imc said.

The software also contains tool for analyzing vibrations in machine monitoring and diagnostics, for analyzing the operation of rotating machines and for determining structural dynamic problems in components.

In a statement, imc said that the WAVE 2022 “pursues a comprehensive approach in analyzing the origins, propagation paths and effects of noise or vibrations.”