IEC/ISO Seoul meet to tackle AI standardization

Hundreds of experts in the field of AI standardization are meeting in Seoul this week to discuss how to ensure the safe deployment of AI into consumer electronics.

AI standards experts are meeting in Seoul this week. Picture: Pixabay

The meeting is a plenary of the IEC and ISO Joint Committee for AI, SC 42. According to the IEC, experts from over 60 countries will gather in the South Korean capital, with attendees hoping to progress a wide range of projects including those focused on data quality, trustworthiness, natural language processing, security, testing and regulation.

The week-long event starts with keynote speeches from leaders in the field of AI, policy and standardization including the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Inkyo Cheong; Silvio Dulinsky, Deputy Secretary General of ISO and Daniel Dobrygowski, Head of Governance and Trust for the World Economic Forum.

SC 42 develops international standards for AI, taking into account a number of factors including technology capability and non-technical requirements, such as business, regulatory and policy requirements, application domain needs, and ethical and societal concerns.

According to SC 42 Chair Wael William Diab, the plenary will help in the push towards globally relevant standards.

“Our committee and work programme are constantly growing and evolving to ensure we meet market and societal needs,” he Diab.

“This includes building on our foundational standards, such as the recently published ISO/IEC 42001, as well as addressing specific concerns such as sustainability, privacy, risk management, unwanted bias and much more.”