HEAD offers acoustic testing for Zoom meetings

German test equipment maker HEAD Acoustics has updated its software to test the audio quality of Zoom meetings on consumer devices.

HEAD Acoustics software update now allows for testing the audio quality of Zoom meetings on consumer devices. Picture: Pixabay

HEAD said it had added the capability to its ACQUA audio testing solution. The audio testing expert developed and implemented a Zoom audio database based on the meeting apps own audio certifications as a telecom standard for the ACQUA test system.

To ensure a high quality communication experience in Zoom meetings, Zoom provided HEAD with test specifications focused on usability-oriented characteristics such as speech quality, signal-to-noise ratio, echo, and delay.

In a press release, HEAD said: “The tests implemented in the ACQUA standard Zoom Audio allow efficient, automated testing of communication devices for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms, such as headsets, personal- and group speakerphones, pro-grade microphones, and installed conferencing systems according to Zoom specifications.”

The instrumental tests mimic “close-to-life situations” for different devices that would be typical for Zoom users. The tests assess functionality, communication quality, and operational robustness during communication.

Where appropriate, the tests can also include the presence of background noise typical for the respective environment, HEAD said.