GRAS acoustic tester meets IEC hearing aid standard

1 min read

Acoustic testing equipment maker GRAS Sound & Vibration says its devices for testing hearing aid performance is the only one to meet a new IEC standard.

The latest IEC standard 60318-8:2022 describes an acoustic coupler for loading a hearing aid or insert earphone with a specified acoustic impedance when testing its acoustic performance, in the frequency range up to 16 kHz.

According to GRAS’ its range of 0.4cc acoustic couplers, the RA0252 coupler as well as the GRAS 43BA with a ¼” microphone and preamplifier, satisfy the requirements of the standard, meaning that hearing aid manufacturers testing in the 8-16 kHz frequency range are able to follow the requirements of the standard in a production line setup.

“This marks another important step in our effort to be able to offer our hearing aid customers cost-efficient measurement solutions that create confidence along the entire measurement chain”, says Brian Johansen, senior acoustic engineer at GRAS Sound & Vibration.

The 43BA is available in both a LEMO version, a CCP version as well as a high sensitivity CCP version. Both the RA0252 and the 43BA are compatible with existing 2cc couplers, including custom-built fitting adaptors.