Granite River Labs partners with Japan testing agency

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Global testing company Granite River Labs (GRL) has announced a strategic alliance with the Japanese safety testing and certification body, the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).

The alliance also includes JQA-owned company DSP Research, which carries out inspection and testing of telecommunications and wireless equipment.

According to GRL, which conducts test automation for digital connectivity and charging, the alliance will provide customers in Japan a one-stop-shop for electronics testing, certification and market access services.

GRL has been providing testing and certification services to Japan's electronics manufacturing ecosystem for more than a decade via a Yokohama-based test lab offering services including compliance testing, process, voltage, temperature (PVT) stress testing and debugging, signal integrity and power integrity verification, and engineering consultation.

JQA, meanwhile, has an extensive network of labs in Japan including in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kyushu, along with DSP Research's flagship location in Kobe, providing safety and EMC testing and telecommunications verification services.

As one of its first steps, said GRL, the alliance is organizing a face-to-face seminar on automotive ethernet and 5G in November, hosted by all three partners.

"This alliance is a major milestone for GRL, JQA and DSPR," said Holger Kunz, president of worldwide services of GRL. "The natural synergy between GRL's technical expertise in high-speed interface testing and sophisticated market knowledge, combined with JQA's safety and EMC capabilities, and DSP Research's reputation in telecom and wireless testing, will unlock new possibilities."