Echo devices now Matter-enabled, says Amazon

Amazon’s Echo devices now support Matter 1.0, the new industry-wide standard that allows interoperability between smart home tech.

According to Amazon, 17 Echo products are now capable of seamlessly working with other, third-party Matter-enabled hardware.

The company – which was a key part of the alliance that set up the Matter standard – said it will eventually add the platform to 30 IoT devices in total, which the company claims will cover over 100 million products already in customers' homes.

Amazon anticipates that the full roll-out will be finished in early 2023.

The Matter standard was launched in October following an international alliance of more than 550 tech companies that included most of the world’s biggest tech companies.

Until now, smart homeowners have found it hard to use their devices across multiple ecosystems, with connecting devices between ecosystems often involving many steps across multiple apps to link accounts.

The Matter 1.0 standard’s multi-admin capabilities provide the foundation for connecting devices directly to multiple apps and ecosystems.