Dekra approved to certify radio equipment in Japan

Japan has approved the German-based certification company Dekra as a registered certification body (RCB) for telecommunication and radio equipment in the country.

The accreditation means that Dekra can now certify any equipment that emits radio waves or is connected to the public network in Japan.

Dekra was granted the RCB status by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) in Japan.

MIC certification is required for certain categories of radio devices prior to placing on the Japanese market, Dekra said.

As well as providing certification through its third-party testing laboratory, Dekra can also support customers in the preparation of documents required in the application stage of certification.

"The MIC recognition is a milestone in our strategy to expand our Global Market Access (GMA) solutions and to support our customers with a smooth entry to the Japanese market,” said Cesar Valencia, business line certification director of service division product testing at Dekra. “We can carry out all the necessary tests for a MIC certification in our laboratories, ensuring an efficient and fast approval process to the Japanese and global markets from a single source.”

Dekra’s mobile carriers lab in Japan also offers interoperability testing to ensure that tested devices are compatible with the cellular network for Docomo, the Japanese mobile phone operator.