Casio develops watch ‘made from beans’

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Casio is set to launch an outdoor adventure watch made in part from bean seeds and corn, it has been reported.

Aimed at the Japanese market the Pro Trek PRW-3400 outdoor adventure watch will hit stores in July, TechRadar reported. The dual-LCD watch has many of the features associated with an outdoor adventure watch, with a rugged design, including navigation tools including a compass and dual-layer display for easier navigating. 

It also features battery-extending solar charge technology, ensuring the watch battery won’t die on you in the middle of a trek in to the deep wilderness. It has Multi-Band 6 auto radio time adjustment, 100-meter water resistance, and a full LED light.

But while all these features are impressive they’re also not a radical departure from other adventure watches in its class. What makes the watch stand out, however, are the materials used to make it. The watch case, urethane band, and case back are all made of biomass plastic, a renewable material made from oils derived from castor bean seeds and corn.

This is in contrast to most watches which are made with petroleum-based plastics. This is not the first time Casio has used sustainable biomass plastics in its watches. Several recent Casio sports watches, including the PRW-61, and the Pro Trek PRW-6611Y-1 and PRW-6621Y-1 released earlier this year, also incorporated this material into their design.