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Booz Allen opens new 5G testing lab in Maryland, USA

Booz Allen Hamilton has announced the opening of a new 5G lab in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, in support of mission-critical client work further enabled by 5G integration and deployment.

The lab’s secure test environment features a leading-edge 5G Standalone (SA) carrier-grade network, including a SA mobile core, Radio Access Network (RAN), and mobile edge compute enabling multiband testing across devices and enhanced research and development capabilities.

Combined with Booz Allen’s cloud, network, and security expertise, the premiere 5G lab facility delivers a testbed for cyber resiliency, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML) modeling, and integrated internet-of-things (IoT), immersive, and emerging applications development.

“Both the public and private sector are grappling with 5G, and the initial promises of higher data rates, lower latency, increased capacity, and resulting technology applications have quickly shifted the concern to the underlying security risks. The same technology that improves operations can create new vulnerabilities that impede operations,” said Chris Christou, vice president at Booz Allen and leader of the firm’s 5G portfolio.

“This complex balance between operability and security is exactly why Booz Allen invested in a testing environment that allows us to research and develop new 5G-enabled platforms and lead customers’ ongoing adoption of new technologies and capabilities, while keeping them secure,” he added.

Booz Allen’s 5G Lab is built on a holistic 5G security approach that supports various enterprise missions and clients, including capabilities to:

Plan: Develop tailored 5G strategies grounded in the identification and prioritization of high mission impact 5G use cases, align plans and resources for use case implementation based on a nuanced understanding of technical readiness, and develop policies and standards for 5G ecosystem operation and management

Build: Deliver 5G mission platforms and applications by designing secure network architectures, completing network slicing and radio frequency/spectrum engineering, and integrating the full stack of 5G ecosystem technologies 

Protect: Secure mobile networks, edge computing resources, and 5G devices and applications through threat-based identification and management of risks, assessment of 5G-relevant vulnerabilities, and hardening and continuous monitoring of 5G environments

Research: Pivot differentiated adversary insight and world-class cyber tradecraft into the early identification of novel 5G system vulnerabilities, development of leading-edge countermeasures, and delivery of tailored intelligence analysis

The 5G lab is Booz Allen’s latest investment in this critical technology, rooted in leading-edge innovation and people-first mission understanding.