Audio Precision zero in on digital audio testing

US audio test equipment maker Audio Precision has launched a new analyzer with digital audio testing capabilities.

The new APx516B audio analyzer. Picture: Audio Precision

The Oregon-based company said its new APx516B audio analyzer is tailored for R&D, production testing, and other audio engineering applications. The APx516B can perform both analog and digital audio testing, said Audio Precision.

Digital audio is becoming more common in consumer electronics such as smartphones. Digital has several advantages over traditional analog methods including higher fidelity sound and the ability to convey more data. According to Audio Precision, as of 2022 more than 75 percent of new audio devices have adopted some form of digital audio I/O.

The company said that the APx516B is able to bridge analog and digital audio testing, reflecting today's diverse audio landscape. It's backed by Audio Precision's reputation for precision and affordability. With a 3-year standard warranty, optional 5-year extension,

The analyzer, which features ISO 17025 accredited calibration, includes two analog generator/analyzer channels with performance suitable for testing consumer and professional audio devices, and a digital interface module slot compatible with all current and future AP digital audio I/O modules.

It also includes support for Bluetooth, HDMI2, I2S/TDM, PDM, and S/PDIF, Toslink, and AES3, and can be integrated with APx500 measurement software.

"The APx516B offers electronic audio customers a budget-friendly modular solution without compromising AP's performance and service,” said Dan Knighten, Audio Precision general manager. "It features a digital interface slot, allowing it to adapt to ongoing changes in digital audio. This ensures that the APx516B remains applicable, serving the needs of the extended R&D team and production test engineers worldwide."