Accessibility testing launched for app developers

Perforce Software, a software company which provides testing services for apps, has announced the availability of accessibility testing on its Perfecto platform.

Accessibility testing ensures that apps can be used by those with visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive impairments. Picture: Pixabay

Accessibility testing is required to ensure app developers remain in compliance with regulatory requirements on web access to those with disabilities.

Perfecto can be used for accessibility testing on both Android TalkBack and Apple VoiceOver, screen reader software to aid people with visibility impairments.

Until now, testing apps with VoiceOver or TalkBack required testers to have a physical device in hand, which can be costly. With this newest accessibility testing launch, testers can test on devices in the cloud, Perforce said.

"Being able to test accessibility with VoiceOver and TalkBack virtually is a real game-changer for our customers," said Stephen Feloney, vice president of continuous testing at Perforce. "It keeps our customers in compliance with accessibility regulations while also unlocking cost-savings for organizations."

Accessibility testing ensures that apps are usable to as many users as possible, including those with visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive impairments. Perfecto’s test platform allows app developers to run tests including scriptless test automation before releasing their products on to the market.

"This marks a new era in accessibility testing," said Feloney. "The new capabilities offered by Perfecto pave the way for faster, more efficient testing, and—most importantly—allow for more inclusive applications for customers."